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Category: DVD Rip

Plot: Based on a terrifying series of events, A manifestation of evil that begins to engulf the life of a young couple who just moved into a mansion. Unable to deny the demonic presence any longer, things begin to change… And Not for the Better…
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Massimiliano Cerchi
Starring: Greg Chandler Maness, Terry G. Reed, Vincent Rivera
Release Name: Insane.2016.DVDRip.x264-W4F
Size: 696 MiB
Video: MKV | 704×402 | 1 228 Kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 96.0 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 13m
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Plot: A high school bus on its way to a retreat blows a tire and stops at the nearest ranch for help. The driver, five troubled students, and their ridiculous gym- teacher chaperone find, instead, criminals who will stop at nothing to make sure their drug operations aren’t discovered. The students and teacher are easy prey for these animals, but standing in the way of certain death is a force more determined and more skilled than any of them ever expected: The Bus Driver.
Genre: Action
Directed by: Brian Herzlinger
Starring: Steven Chase, Steve Daron, Holly Elissa
Release Name: Bus.Driver.2016.DVDRip.XviD-EVO
Size: 902 MiB
Video: AVi | 720×400 | 1500 kbps
Audio: English | MP3 | 128 kbps
Runtime: 1h15m33sec
Subtitles: N/A
Samples: Video @ #1#2#3
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Plot: Captain William Stanaforth is on a one-way solo mission to take the first steps in colonizing Mars. Like all pioneers throughout history, Stanaforth will face insurmountable odds and life and death decisions as he rockets bravely through space.
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Directed by: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Starring: Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan
Release Name: Approaching.The.Unknown.2016.LIMITED.DVDRip.x264-DoNE
Size: 520 MB
Video: MKV | 720×406 | 805 Kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 30mn
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Plot: This shape-shifting tale of the perils and pleasures of self-reinvention begins at a dinner party, when Tom’s (Michael Shannon) co-worker arrives with an intriguing date named Alice (Rachel Weisz). Tom is convinced he knows her, but she refuses to acknowledge their history. And when Alice makes a hasty exit, Tom sets off after her. What follows is an all-night odyssey shared by two people, one needing to change his life, the other questioning how to stop changing.
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Directed by: Joshua Marston
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Michael Shannon, Kathy Bates
Release Name: Complete.Unknown.2016.LIMITED.DVDRip.x264-DoNE
Size: 277 MB
Video: MKV | 720×304 | 422 kbps
Audio: English | AAC | 128 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 31mn
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Plot: Conflict and tension looms heavily across the broken remains of a distant, post-apocalyptic world. Controlled by a race of oppressive genetically-enhanced humans, the last natural-born humans have no choice but to bow down to their rule. The only alternative is to wander the vast wastelands surrounding the last habitable city, whilst relentlessly hunted by roaming pack of mutated monsters. Meanwhile, outside the towering walls of the citadel, aboard a massive hulking army tank, an uprising occurs amongst the natural-born crew. Their hope lies in the legend of the Republic of EZO: said to return aboard the last starship….
Genre: Science Fiction | Action
Directed by: Sven Knüppel
Starring: Jim Walker, Cecile Decker, Fabian Monasterios, Ulricke Kargus
Release Name: The.Last.Starship.2016.DVDRip.x264-SPOOKS
Size: 757 MB
Video: MKV | 720X306 | 984 kbps
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1h 47 mn
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Plot: Five years after the murder of his wife and disappearance of his daughter, former police officer Jeremy Duffin is brought back to help in the hunt for a yuletide monster that punishes children that have been “naughty.” As the monster becomes more erratic and unpredictable, Jeremy learns the truth about the disappearance of his daughter and the fate that has been bestowed upon him by an unlikely source. Can Jeremy finally end the nightmare Christmas monster that has terrorized this town for years?
Genre: Action | Horror | Thriller
Directed by:  Jason Hull
Starring:  Shawn C. Phillips, R.A. Mihailoff, Melantha Blackthorne
Release Name: Krampus.2.The.Devil.Returns.2016.DVDRip.x264-SPRiNTER
Size: 676 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×348
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1h 19mn
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Plot: Hundreds of disturbing paranormal events occur every year. Most of these terrifying encounters go unreported – until now. Enter the disturbing world of Invoking 3: Paranormal Dimensions where the undead come to wreak havoc upon the living. Grim Reapers, evil poltergeists, satanic forces and conjured spirits will feed off your fear and drag you into the abyss of waking nightmares.
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Lee Matthews
Starring: Tessa Netting, Alison Becker, Micah Tillman
Release Name: The.Invoking.3.Paranormal.Dimensions.2016.DVDRip.x264-SPRiNTER
Size: 553 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×406
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1h 13mn
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Plot: A figure skater is injured during a competition. A coach that hired her then helps her rehab her injury so that she may live her dream.
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Damian Lee
Starring: Sandra Battaglini, Michael Cleland, Brenna Coates
Release Name: Ice.Girls.2016.DVDRip.x264-SPRiNTER
Size: 782 MiB
Video: MKV | 720×406
Audio: English | AAC
Runtime: 1h 30mn
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