Though pixels weren’t there at the very dawn of videogames, they feel intrinsic to what we play, to the extent that nowadays groups of game-makers celebrate their distinctive qualities rather than trying to conceal them. In this special edition we showcase some of their finest work, and talk to artists from Scotland to Vietnam about why, and how, they create awesome-looking arrangements of coloured blocks. Some create pixel art mostly as a hobby, while others do it day in, day out on commercial videogame projects. Some were inspired to try their hands at this style of digital art just a few years ago, while others have been at it since the days of 8bit home computers, poking away at keyboards to switch pixels on and off before mice and tablets made the process positively civilised.
Within these pages you’ll find an artist recreating the foibles of the ZX Spectrum of his youth, another building a brand-new coin-op, and another condensing Kim Jong-un into just a handful of pixels, as well as a gallery showcasing some of our favourite game art, both vintage and new. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to get started yourself, or you simply want some magnificent things to cut out and stick to your wall, there is lots here to work with. The pixel art scene is so big today that this special edition is just a skim across its surface. If you enjoy it, perhaps we’ll make a second volume in the future, and dig a little deeper. In the meantime, take a look at the artists’ websites, where certain pieces gain additional dimensions through animation.
Edge Special Edition – The Art Of The Pixel 2016
English | 212 pages | True PDF | 48,95 MB