The independent guide to becoming an expert Photoshop user.
Explore a range of ways you can put your Photoshop skills to use, including combining Photoshop with 3D methods, digital painting, and photomanipulation. Learn how to create a brand identity, and read expert advice on how to approach businesses in the field, allowing you to take your Photoshop expertise to professional levels. Featuring: Photo Editing – Manipulate every photo to your preferences Digital Painting – Bring your illustrations and portraits to new heights with these techniques in digital painting 3D and Photoshop – Find out how to combine 3D and Photoshop methods to develop dynamic images Graphics & New Media – Creating stunning graphics and adapt your work to suit web design or app building
The Professional Photoshop Book – Vol. 6 2015
English | 180 pages | PDF | 47.00 Mb