As the go-to program for making even the most complex creative visions a reality, Photoshop has been an indispensable tool for photographers and designers for over 25 years now. For seasoned users of the software, The Professional Photoshop Book is an indispensable companion for continuing to add new techniques to your creative toolbox. For others it will provide inspiration for new artwork, while those sitting on a vast reserve of ideas will pick up hints on how best to bring them to life. In this seventh volume, we begin with some invaluable tips on gaining access to the intensely competitive graphic design industry, before exploring artwork from the pros. Through step-by-step tutorials, follow the progress of designs that use techniques from several different disciplines: photo editing, photo manipulation, digital painting, postproduction, and graphics and new media. Those dedicated to learning from others and honing their craft need look no further for guidance in how to create flawless digital masterpieces.
The Professional Photoshop Book – Volume 07 2015
English | 180 Pages | PDF | 71.8 MB