Description: Highlands is a unique turn-based strategic experience where player choices and decision making will determine whether they return to exile or march victoriously to crush their enemies.

Exiled from their homeland and faced against overwhelming odds of defeat, players in Highlands are tasked to build an army and retake what is rightfully theirs from a group of mysterious overlords and their mechanical army. These noble leaders will manage key aspects of their army and population including food, weapons, recruits and other resources to get stronger and advance in the game.


  • Breathtaking setting composed of hand-drawn environments instead of hex grids
  • Turn-based strategy game with battles and resource management focused on decision making
  • Units are individual heroes with special traits, abilities and stories
  • 4 Distinct character classes:
  • Combatants: protect and attack sectors
  • Mechanics: fortify (defend) sectors and craft items
  • Leaders: Organize the population to gather resources and recruit new heroes
  • Academics: heal troops and help on various tasks
  • Item crafting system
  • Story-driven
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!

Genre: Strategy

Developer: Burrito Studio
Publisher: Burrito Studio

Release Name: Highlands-CODEX
Size: 719.5 MB