All over the world there have been long been persistent reports of anomalous sounds emanating from the skies above our heads, the ground beneath our feet, and the dark depths of the world’s oceans. From the din of all of the cacophony of noises produced by mankind and nature, sometimes there are those aural oddities that burst forth from the realm of the unknown to roar out into our ears from some inscrutable source, leaving us puzzled, confused, and oftentimes not a little scared. One anomalous sound phenomenon that has long perplexed visitors and locals alike comes to us from one of the most visited natural tourist attractions in the United States, the expansive Yellowstone National Park. Here, among the stunning natural beauty occurs the regular emergence of strange, eerie, inexplicable sounds that originate in the area of Yellowstone Lake and nearby Shoshone Lake as well, which have become known as the Yellowstone Whispers.
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