With every new Mac model, Apple continues to demonstrate that computers can be beautiful both inside and out. The company’s determined focus on design and functionality brings us to the sleek machines we know and love today. Luckily, there is a model for everyone, whether it’s the extremely portable MacBook Air or the powerhouse of processing that is the Mac Pro. At the heart of each is OS X, most recently updated for El Capitan, which our new edition of The Mac Book will help you navigate. We cover all the standard OS X apps and guide you through the process of customising your user experience. Next, learn about the features that will shape your computing in the future with iMovie, Keynote and more. Then discover how to enhance your Mac experience with programs such as Final Cut and Logic Pro. Once you have soaked up that wealth of information, explore 100 of the best apps available from the App Store. There is even a helpdesk section at the back of the book that addresses frequently asked questions and troubleshoots potential issues. Don’t forget to log on to FileSilo to download resources such as two free apps
Release Name: The Mac Book Volume 12 Revised Edition 2015
Size: 27 Mb
Format: True PDF
Pages: 196 pages